Example from Instagram

Example from Instagram

What is a hashtag for?

Increase audience reach

Increase brand awareness

Draw attention to the event, the trend (you can put a popular hashtag or come up with a special and popularize it for your event),

Heshtegami can be marked with certain headings in posts,

They are used for gaming (conducting marathons, competitions, reviews),

There are internal hashtags for navigating the account.

Example, using hashtag, as the table of contents of the account. To place a picture with the inscription “Navigation”, and in the comments to write, on which hashtags to look posts on this or that topic.

You can find the desired hashtag on the websta.me website or in the “Similar” output when searching for hashtags.

To select a working hashtag you have to imagine what word or phrase you would like to search for.

You can check the hashtag for compatibility with your content right on Google.

How many hashtag use?

It used to be that the more, the better. Posts lost in a huge cloud of hashtag. Gradually, the rules changed, because a large number of hashtag users were perceived negatively as spam.

Daria Manelova, research marketing strategist, blog author Bright-mind commented on the use of hashtags

At one time, the truth worked a cloud of hashes. And now work at the best medium category hashtagi. That is: put # Moscow and nothing good will be yours. And put the hashtag # skirt_in_moscow, and collect those who drive in the search for such a request (catching leads on the key). But in general, by and large, hashtags now work for some sort of internal category for each blog.

I put, for example, a hashtag # account parsing, then this hashtag works. In addition, you can not put many highly categorized hashtags in a row. If you bet, for example, # summer # sun # Moscow # world # love #love #tbt then Instagram can find you a spammer and block for it.

The maximum allowed number per post is 30 hashes. But I now recommend putting 10, medium category and internal categories (branded). There was a study that linked a large number of hashtags under the posts with a decrease in the effectiveness of the post. Therefore, I think that 10-15 hashtag is enough to achieve the effect. The middle category is the search hashtag. At which views less than 500 000.

Business Profiles

In the summer of 2016, the Russian Instagram has the opportunity to connect business profiles.

Business profiles give the following opportunities:

The link button, which will be right next to the button “Subscribe”;

Category of business;

Physical address (optional);

Statistics of the audience and publications;

New advertising opportunities.

When you switch to a business account, you can add a physical address (especially relevant for local business), phone and email. In addition to an active link to your site, a hyperlink with the address is also displayed. The user enters the Google-card.

In order to edit the phone number, email and address, just go to the account settings and select the option “Edit profile”.

Another category of the product appears under the brand name. For example, product / servis. The category is imported from Facebook automatically and can not be edited in the settings.

Statistics. Impressions, coverage, involvement. There is information for each post and the overall figure of the profile. I especially liked the statistics about clicks on the site.

Important! Statistics will appear only for those posts that will be published after the connection of the business profile.

Instagram Analytics

Now a unique situation when the analytics of services and Instagram (in business and personal accounts) does not match. Marketers say that while the analyst in the Instagram is not ideal, and the many additional functions of services and applications are simply priceless. The list of analytical services is given below. In the meantime, let’s talk about what you need to analyze.

All KPIs:

the growth in subscribers, the number of publications among bloggers, the gain from mass-targeting, the involvement, the return from targeted advertising, site visits, sales are described in detail in the next article.
It is ideal to link clicks to the site with sales on this site. Watch the activity of users and try to see the links between your content and the actions of people. For example, if you start a share, look at the statistics for clicks. And to statistics on orders.

These metrics can give you information about which content works best for sales.

How to connect a business profile?

Go to the settings and select the item in the “Switch to company profile” menu
Then you will be offered to link your account with Facebook. This is necessary so that all the possibilities of the advertising cabinet on Facebook you used to analyze your new business account. Especially for this article, I did the registration until the end, which took me 4.5 minutes.

Further (when you agreed with everything and clicked “ok”, you will only have to fill out the profile of your company).

Now you have a “contact” button and a statistics icon in your profile.

Promotion of posts in the Instagram

In the business accounts of Instagram, each post can be promoted. Just click on the special button. Then you can create your audience, choose an action for advertising. These are step-by-step illustrations:

An alternative point of view on the business profile

Attraction of subscribers. Ways to promote

We will not even consider the purchase of subscribers in this guide. In dead souls there is no point.

People have become smarter and can analyze how the number of subscribers correlates with likes and comments. Scrolled profiles fall into black lists, the owners of such accounts do not believe.

Therefore, we leave the questionable schemes and list the methods that will bring you loyal subscribers, a quality audience.

How to promote Instagram

  1. Content and dialogue with the audience.
  2. Geo tags.
  3. Massfollowing and mass-lasing.
  4. Accounting for the best time for posting.
  5. Geification – contests, marathons, sfs, flash mobs.
  6. Work with top bloggers.
  7. Communications, reviews with mentions.
  8. Advertising.
  9. Crossposting.

Quality content

From this it is necessary to begin advancement in Instagram. The more interesting you are, the more people subscribe to your account. Think of a creative idea, the concept of your brand, submit photo content in a certain style.

And always think through the text. Now the trend is “humanity” of brands. Therefore, many businesses rely on the popularity of the personal brand, the personal accounts of the founders.

Texts motivate to dialogue, involve in dispute, conversation, discussion. Answer must be for any comments. Negative feedback should not be deleted. You can discuss the rules of communication with subscribers.


In posts, you need to specify geo tags – the place where the photos are taken. This is relevant for local businesses and network companies with several offline points. Geotagging highlights your posts in places. If people will view photos from a certain area, they will see your photos.

Massfollowing and masslayking

If the hashtagi itself is almost outlived, then mass-felling and mass-mailing still work. Imagine that you want to attract the attention of people.

You go, like their positions and add them to your friends. A perfectly healthy situation for the average user. For business, these phenomena have other dimensions.

In order to attract attention to your account, you must take the initiative: sign up for potential partners / customers, find hashes you need (relevant) accounts, put likes, leave comments.

No time to do it manually? Take advantage of special services. You can specify the parameters: city, gender, interests, accounts of people who are subscribed to your competitors, etc. Special services work simply – by a certain algorithm they perform actions on behalf of your account – comment, husk, fool.