How does instagram story views work?

How does instagram story views work?

There are dozens and hundreds of ways to wind the likes and subscribers in Instagram.

For those who prefer to achieve success in a network in an honest way, we have prepared 10 tips for promoting your Instagram profile without fraudulent tricks.

Take care of the content

The basis of success in Instagram – interesting photos, so competently work with the content that you offer to your subscribers.

Find your niche. Natural landscapes, architecture, portraits, still lifes – share pictures of your favorite genre, and people will feel your indifferent attitude to this topic.

Avoid template angles and objects for photographing. Approach the process creatively. For inspiration, we recommend that you consult the advice of the famous Instagram photographer Cole Rice.

Edit pictures correctly

Do not stack dozens of filters on the photo. Decide on the main editing program and a couple of satellite applications. Many tools for processing photos you will also find in Instagram.
Remember that sometimes it’s better to abandon the effects altogether and to transfer the picture in the most pristine state. Editing photos should only emphasize your idea, but do not replace it.

Apply your profile

Do not forget that it’s important not only to make good photos, but also to position yourself correctly. Link your Instagram to accounts on other social networks. Fill out information about yourself: here you can specify the name, scope, model of the camera or smartphone, the inspiration you quote.

Do not recommend using Emoji – firstly, they will not be visible on all devices, and secondly, their excessive use can alienate the audience.

Do not forget to link to your website or social network account, in which you are constantly present. Upload your photo so people know who they are subscribed to.

Completely use hashtags

A very simple and effective way to promote yourself in Instagram is the proper use of hashtags.

Think about what keywords you can associate your photo with. We do not advise you to use Russian hashtags, you will not “catch” as many people as they do in English.

Study the most popular hashtags in Instagram and use them in the appropriate photos.

Communicate with your audience

Pay attention to your commentators, thank them and evaluate their profile. People like to be talked to, and Instagram is no exception.

Do not forget to address the audience on festive occasions, as well as celebrating the achievement of a “beautiful” number of subscribers with a photo of gratitude.

Do not be lazy to sign photos

A photograph can advantageously emphasize the detailed description. Did you attend the concert?

Share your impressions. Did you post a photo of the original breakfast? Tell us how to come up with a recipe for its preparation. The myth that people on the Internet do not like to read is relevant only for uninteresting texts.

Remember that unfolded photo captions are unlikely to attract subscribers if you have problems with clarity of text or spelling.

Mark geolocation

Instagram users search not only for hashtags, but also for interesting places. Do not be afraid of surveillance of special services: they already know everything about you.

People are more willing to mark geolocation if they visit places of interest abroad, but this is not a reason to turn off geo-tags when visiting an institution in their city.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to upload photos and videos up to 15 seconds. The images in the “stories” are arranged vertically, you can draw on them, add filters, signatures and Emoji.

Upload interesting videos

Instagram supports the publication of video clips lasting up to one minute. Video brings dynamics to the tape and gives subscribers the opportunity to hear your voice.

Use the minute correctly: the abundance of videos in the tape encourages users not to inspect many of them. And no video with fireworks on city holidays – it’s not interesting to anyone.

Do not overdo it with attention to other people’s profiles

People like to like, so if you think someone’s photos are interesting, then do not forget to mark it with a subscription, likes and comments. But do not overdo it: it is unlikely that someone will be pleased to have among the subscribers solid advertising accounts.

Remember, no one likes mass-followers, and an indifferent kid in the pursuit of popularity will most likely force the user to add you to the black list or mark “Spam”.