How to properly and beautifully lead instagram

Artist’s Instagram or how to become popular

With the advent of social networks, artists, illustrators and designers have become more able to share their creativity with the world.

Instagram is one of the most convenient ways to show your work and get a response from the public.

But how to make sure that you are noticed on the Internet and get a lot of active and grateful subscribers?

In order to answer this question, we have prepared useful advice for you on promoting in the Instagram.

Tip 1. Be clear!

Getting to the page of your account, it should be immediately clear who you are, what you are doing, what can be useful and how to contact you.

Many make the mistake of specifying only their own name. Indicate in your description your field of activity (artist / illustrator / designer, etc.), services or account topic (I draw to order / sell pictures / landscapes with watercolor, etc.) and contacts.

Tip 2. Be beautiful!

Instagram is, first of all, a photo. Therefore, photos of your work must be of high quality: bright and clear. To create a beautiful picture is also important composition.

As a surface, use a photophone and various decor elements.

To create a single account theme, make all the photos in one style.

Tip 3. Be interesting!

Subscribers love not only to watch pictures, but also to read. Be sure to add a description to each of your work. You can tell about your mood, feelings or just how your day went.

Do not forget about the advice that you can give to your subscribers. Tell us about what materials you use, what techniques you use in painting.

Capture the video with the drawing process. It’s always entertaining and useful.

Tip 4. the correct tags!

In order to be able to find your post in Instagram, always put tags in the description. Be sure to create your tag so that you can find your work. Instagram allows you to add 30 tags under one publication, so be careful when choosing a list of tags – leave only those that accurately reflect the topic of your post.

Tip 5. Be everywhere!

Sarafanne radio is an effective and cost-free way to promote. Participation or organization of competitions and drawing flash mobs allows attracting new active subscribers.

To organize in competitions, attract other public with a similar audience and number of subscribers at least 10-15 thousand.

Another way to advance is sfs. Simply put, sfs is that you talk about some account in your own tape, and the one, in turn, talks about you.