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An account in Instagram is a godsend for a modern artist. Of course, this is not a solution to all problems, and this tool is not for everyone, but if there are ambitions, talent, smartness and competent advertising, a painter can achieve a powerful career start, and there is not far to the neighborhood with the elite in the art world.

At the same time, you can sell the work and in parallel on the Internet, for example, at online auctions or the site of the artist himself, but for the promotion of the name and attracting the audience, it is best to have a profile in such a social network as Instagram.

Moreover, social media platforms are not only a good opportunity for a beginner artist, but also a very successful way of commercial art existence, especially in the conditions of rapidly growing competition.

Therefore, the fact that Instagram and other similar sites quickly became in demand among representatives of the creative class, there is absolutely nothing surprising.

If before the artist had to torture happiness in the galleries on the principle of “at ten denied, and in the eleventh say” yes “, but now this problem has dropped out of urgency.

Many of the modern masters use their account in Instagram as their own virtual gallery, performing both the role of the creator, and the role of the curator, and the role of the seller. At the same time, subscribers become their customers and critics.

Instagram algorithm likes order

“So, thanks to the approval of the public, the artist begins to learn, the work brings the expected fruits, and the competently made profile becomes the most real business card”

That’s how the star of American artist Ashley Longshore lit, for example, it is easy to understand how the current creators use social networks in their work.

Ashley has over 18,000 subscribers, star customers and her own gallery in New Orleans, and it all started with a passion for contemporary art that grew into a decent source of income.
As an artist in the direction of pop art, she loves to use bright colors, sparkles and large inscriptions over the work.

His muse Ashley thinks Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn, whose portraits in the performance of the artist glorified the latter to the whole of America.

All this follows from the profile of Longshore, which, as we see, is an important link between the artist and his potential buyers, as well as simply admirers of creativity.

What is the difference between an account of a smart and talented artist from his portfolio?

Ideally, there should not be any special differences between them, except for one, but the most important – publications serve as a kind of teaser for original works to prevent theft.

Typically, the artist expose himself on the background of works, spread interesting fragments or use filters to cover the colors of the original (though, so do not all). Otherwise, posts contain something that is not part of the portfolio.

For example, the process of creating a picture or outline, important events from life, as well as those things that inspire a person.

“Instagram Ashley, which she regularly updates, is full of pictures of her studio, pictures, as well as those things that she finds ridiculous or inspiring”

As we see in the example of Ashley, the main plus of activity in social networks in the “fast feed”.

Before that, the artist could wait for years, until he was noticed, hoping that he was lucky, and someone from the visitors of his studio will have a friend of the critic or collector.

Instagram performs the same mechanism, but the number of steps towards the elite has significantly decreased. Plus, the combination of a picture with a minimum of text greatly facilitates the “burden” of the viewer.

Of course, words are necessary to explain, criticize and analyze, but, on the other hand, many do not like the way words interfere with their perception of the picture.

And almost all people are annoyed by the need to wade through a verbose explanation in order to get pleasure from being alone with the work.

“So, before our eyes there was a democratization of art – it is not necessary to enter the elite to successfully sell their work or exhibit”

As we know, a similar metamorphosis has already occurred with music: any musician can upload his song or video to the Internet and get a million views.

If he, of course, is talented or inclined to unconventional decisions.

The artist does not even need to go far – you can download the latest updates through the phone.

So subscribers can follow the process in real-time, using as a encouragement likes and comments.

Over time, their number will increase with the help of hashtag and geolocation, and then there are really interesting possibilities. Creativity goes beyond Instagram, often it does not even require direct participation of the artist: his name begins to appear in blogs, in posts of other users, in the pages of magazines.

Another advantage of artists in the network as they grow in popularity is the opportunity to invite subscribers to visit the nearest exhibition, evaluate the work of another artist or participate in the auction. The same method is used by galleries and museums, both private and public. Just behave curators, collectors and auctioneers – are looking for talented people, sharing something old and new, draw the attention of their subscribers to curious finds.

Of course, not all artists have success in social networks, only those who use their account intelligently and responsibly have.

Public attention requires frequent updates: here you need to be ready to share photos of the workplace, tools, sketches, favorite institutions and sources of inspiration. This is the main opportunity – to check the consistency and detail of the presentation of its history, without which the genius creator can not do.

Seriously adjusted buyers and curators are looking for which artists perform the most high-quality work, how they spend their time, what ideas and materials are used in the process.

People like to use Instagram for this because they do not have any pressure – nobody tries to impose the meaning of what they saw, explain why this or that investment is good, why you need to buy right now, how talented the artist is and so on.

The final evaluation is made by the user himself, and the positive one needs to be earned. This is a heavy daily work, but with it – a great opportunity to tap into all your skills and gain experience. In other words, the artist must prove to his subscribers his serious intentions.

Probably, in the near future Instagram will firmly strengthen its positions as a new space for the art market. It is important to consider who is interested in or earns contemporary art. As it happened in the era of replacing silent cinema with sound, many of those who did not have time to navigate risk losing their jobs. Or just get lost.

P.S. If the artist was interesting to you, do not forget to look into his subscriptions. As in other social networks, there is a certain art community, within which you can find “fresh blood”.