Make your art blog popular in the instagram

Unleash your art-instagram

Since in the future I want the drawing to bring me money, well, vanity has not been canceled, I want to make my art blog in the instagram a popular one.

Here it is, by the way Come in, subscribe!

Perhaps in the future I will set a similar goal for my toggle switch, but for now I’m more interested in instagrams.

In addition, reposts from instagram will somehow affect the popularity of the toggle switch, since they are connected with each other.

I am sure that the process of promotion of my art blog will help me to draw in a more organized way, in the second place, to find, develop and approve my style, along with mastering a lot of new things.

At the moment I need to do the following:

1. Develop and compile a list of tags that will help me better promote the blog. Split this list into several groups, considering that all in one post will not fit and determine what content is better suited in which group.

2. regularly track flash mobs and contests, participation in which would attract subscribers to my blog.

3. It is more thoughtful and competent to write posts under pictures and do not forget to do them not only in English, but also in Russian. The same with tags.

4. To invent and implement an interesting serial project with drawings on a certain topic, which in potential could turn into flash mob.

5. Track statistics on likes and subscribers and identify at what time it is better to post posts with pictures.

6. Learn how to shoot and mount small video drawing process. They attract a lot of attention.

7. Spread new content on the blog at least every 3 days, and better every day.

8. Find out what applications there are for more convenient publication of posts in the instagram, preferably with preset tags.

I do not put the time frames yet, but I give myself about a year or a year and a half to achieve this goal.

Completion criterion

My art-instagram has more than 10.000 subscribers and it works as a good advertising platform for my art projects.

Personal resources
Time, skills of the artist, ability to write in English and Russian, brains and learning.

Collect and group tags

200 subscribers

300 subscribers

400 subscribers

500 subscribers

600 signatures

To study additional applications for publication in the Instagram

Learn how to use latergramme

700 subscribers

To participate in this year in at least 10 contests or flash mobs.

Come up with your own flash mob or art marathon. Implement it

Snap an instagram to the pinterest and make a thematic board with my artworks there.

800 subscribers

900 subscribers

1000 subscribers

Learn applications for creating and editing short videos

5,000 subscribers

10,000 or more subscribers