Preparatory stage

Preparatory stage

Create an account and register

Previously, you could register in the instagram only in the application via a smartphone or the phone emulator program on the desktop. Today you can create accounts in any browser from any OS computer.

Any account (commercial or personal) can be linked to the phone, Facebook account and email. I recommend doing this with a commercial account. What for? It will be easier for you to restore your account after the lock. In addition, account bindings reduce the risk of locks. (If you are not a spammer and read the rules).

Create an account on your smartphone

If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store, type in the search “Instagram”, download the application and install it on your smartphone.

If you have an android, go to Google Play and download the app there. Click on the installed application to open it. Next you need to register (using your email address and name or profile on Facebook).

Create an account on your computer

Instagram on the computer is indispensable if you work with high-quality photos, and not just fix the reality on the iPhone. This is true for photographers and owners of online shops on the basis of instagram, where to demonstrate the goods need high-quality photos in good resolution.

To register simply: go to, and then either enter your email address, username and password (standard registration procedure), or sign in via Facebook to register with your account there.

The Instagram application appeared for devices on the Windows 10 platform. In it, users will be able to view the news feed, “Stories”, and also communicate in the Directory.

In addition, the application has a search, a tab with recommendations and access to profile settings. Also you can share your favorite photos in Facebook and Messenger, which was impossible to do in the web version of the program.

Personally, I use in such cases a special program-emulator Nox app Player. I can upload photos from the computer, write a post, use the camera emulator.

Account management rules

Limits and restrictions. Why can you be blocked?

Rules need to know. The blockage cases in Instagram are not a myth. If this happens in the midst of your account management and business processes, it will be sad.

Since 2013, Instagram has limits for certain user actions. Since exceeding the limits is an excuse for ban, do not skip this section and read it carefully.

Limits have been introduced to protect ordinary users from excessive activity of commercial accounts and spammers. Most instragramers are not threatened, but nevertheless, these restrictions must be known.

Actual limits

Laiki – up to 60 likes in an hour.

Comments – up to 60 comments per hour.

Subscriptions and unsubscribes – up to 60 subscriptions and notes per hour.

Instagram summarizes all your actions.

For example, in the course of an hour, 60 subscriptions or 60 unsubscriptions are allowed. If you want to use both, share the load of 10 subscriptions and 50 lists, or 30 subscriptions and notes. The main thing is that there should be 60 actions in total.

Subscriptions and subscriptions are when you unsubscribe from a person or subscribe to it. Usually this is the way to draw attention to use in business promotion.

For example, a confectionery in Altufevo subscribes to all who are celebrated in Altufevo. The owners of a confectionery shop expect that a person will see their account, add them and use their services.