Promotion and sales

Promotion and sales

Promotion in Instagram

Until March 15, 2016 in the tape Instagram everything was arranged simply – the posts were shown by the time of their publication.

Now the first in your tape there are publications that the network will find interesting. The mechanism is not exactly studied, but, like on Facebook, the audience’s reaction to the post is taken into account: likes, comments and reposts. The more social signals that the post is interesting, the higher it is in the ranking tape. Therefore, to please the readers, you need to learn how to make good content – an interesting video, cool photos that you want to consider. AND!

Write worthy texts.

More information about the ranking mechanism you can read here

Instagram is obviously necessary for businesses that have something to show – these are sports clubs, yoga centers, flower and cosmetic shops, photographers, beauty industry, children’s studios, shops where a small line of products and only a few basic ones.

Who in the instagram should not go? Those who have the main audience are men (b2b sector: industry, wholesale, building materials).

People advance in Instagram mainly with the help of cool content. If it’s hard for you to do content yourself, and ordering is expensive, then it’s better to try contextual advertising or SEO.

The board of insta-marketer Daria Manelova (Bright-mind)
Strategy of account maintenance in Instagram

The strategy of promotion in Instagram includes a whole complex of actions: from studying the target audience and competitors, detuning, creating a unique trade offer, to selecting visual components and positioning the account. And of course advertising companies and attracting opinion leaders.

For all its friendliness Instagram is a serious tool. Therefore, if you decide to receive customers using this social network, prepare in advance.

Checklist for the lazy

  1. Examine the competitors: note what methods they use in positioning. Look at their posts and note for yourself those who collect the most reaction. Keep the addresses of your competitors’ accounts in a separate sheet, they will be useful to you.
  2. Think about what can differentiate your product from competitors: what are your strengths, than you can surprise the buyer and stand out against the general background. Make a list of your benefits in advance. On their basis, you will build in the content and advertising plan.
  3. Identify your audience – what interests her, who these people are, what content they read and at what time they go online (for example, moms often go to Instagram when the kids are asleep – this is lunchtime and evening time).
  4. Make an editorial plan – what you will write about, in what alternation should the content go, so as not to overload people with selling posts and not at all go away in the direction of entertainment materials.
  5. Define your style – the style of visual content and text delivery. It also depends on your audience and on what will be successful with your competitors.
  6. Determine whether you will further advertise your account. If so, you need to understand what means and time you are willing to spend on it.
    Starting work in Instagram is not from the first post and not from the first photo shoot, but from the strategy.

Goals. First, determine the goals that stand in front of your account: are you working to improve or shape the company’s image?

Want to increase sales? Collect customer feedback to improve performance? Maybe all at once, why not.

Content. Looking at the portrait of the target audience (it should already be compiled), determine what material you plan to publish – what, how and in what quantity.

Try to make a content plan for a week and write the first posts. You can prepare both real posts and “ideal” ones – find publications of other brands that you like, and put them for yourself as an example (we’ll publish this plan every week, so let’s try to get people involved in the conversation, and so – we will direct to the website).

Think about the “headings” that you will lead. For example, every Friday you will talk about the team member under the #NAME_family hash, and every Tuesday – the client’s response #NAME_about_us.

Indicators. Describe what metrics you want to achieve in your account: the number of subscribers, likes, comments. But do not chase the empty numbers, much more important is the number of clicks on the site and directly orders through Instagram.

Methods of promotion. Think about what other methods of promotion in the Instagram will be used: mass-targeting and mass-flowning (how many, with what programs?), Opinion leaders (who and how many?), Contests (with whom and how often) and so on.

For reference

Masslayking and massfoloving – terms that denote the mass addition to friends of other accounts and mass posting of likes to Instagram users. Recently, this method of promotion raises many questions. Also it is not safe for your account.

Define the “roles” of the page.

Define the “roles” of the page. Who else but you will have access to the account? Your assistant?

Your SMM manager? A sales manager who will respond to comments? Clearly distribute responsibilities if there are more than 1 person in the team.

Dasha Andreeva, SMM-specialist, author of the blog WishD

Content plan

Many people neglect the content plan. However, the experience of bloggers shows that it should be.

What is a good content plan? You divide the content in certain proportions into entertainment – expert / reputation – selling – training.

Topics and types of content depend on what kind of account you have. When composing the content plan:

you will not forget about the holidays and prepare special thematic content in advance,
you can collect materials for complex topics in advance,
You will easily work on the account with the designer / photographer / copywriter.

Define the main idea for your content, answering the question: what problem do you solve with your content in Central Asia?

Also worth exploring the content of competitors. You can find them through an instagram search for key queries.

What to watch? Which posts are most often husky and comment on what kind of comments they leave, what they are asking about (this may be a topic for the post).

Hashtags can be searched for and good content for example and inspiration. Do not copy anyone – look for ideas and do better.

You can do this with the help of Popsters, a social network content analysis service.

For each column, write down certain hashtags (more on this below).

Tip: use spreadsheets in Google Docs. Access to the content plan will be from any device, you will not lose anything. It’s comfortable. An example sample of the content plan by reference.

The optimal frequency of posts for the instagram-store is 1-2 per day. Each post should be marked with a hashtag.


What is a hashtag and what are they for? A hashtag is a keyword that is preceded by a lattice sign (#). After marking # your keyword is converted into a clickable hyperlink. Clicking on such link the user gets in the tape of the messages marked by this hashtam. Hestegi supports most social networks.