Secrets of getting instagram likes automatically


A few people know that:

Instagram is more than a service in which people publish a photo of food and their “Selfie”. Now

Instagram is one of the most promising social platforms for business development.

Thanks to the service, you can share visual content, which, as is known, is perceived by users in tens of thousands of times faster than textual content.

Such a giant of social networks, like Facebook, seriously feels competition from instagram. That’s why Facebook bought out the rights to the mobile application Instagram for $ 1 billion. This, of course, underscores the importance of this social network.

Today we will talk about the most effective ways to promote business in Instagram.

Or how to make customers more and more?

Just imagine:

57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day;

35% of users visit the site several times a day;

on average, users spend in Instagram 257 minutes per month;

in 43% of the accounts, new posts appear more often than once a day;

In September 2013, the number of active users of the social network was 150 million;

Instagram uploaded 16 billion photos;

55 million photos are uploaded daily.

This, of course, must be used if you want:

Constantly attract new customers without investing money in advertising;

Have a simple tool to “alert” customers about promotions and special offers;

Be a “leader” and constantly be interesting to your customers;

Involve up to 50 customers per month with Instagram.

So, let’s begin. Sequences of action, necessary to attract customers, using Instagram.

1. Create an account

When creating an account, much attention should be paid to the logo. Set your company logo as your profile photo.

The logo should be bright and memorable. If you do not have a logo, put a bright and memorable picture related to your business.

The profile photos of Instagram are rounded off in the mobile application and square in the network. Choose an image that is beautiful and memorable in both formats.

Use your company name as your username. Also briefly write what the company is doing. IMPORTANT! Do not forget to specify the contact details, the address of the site is best for this.

2. Run the account

After starting the account, place at least 8-9 photos. They should be in good quality and be relevant (do not post a photo poster of last month). This is to ensure that your profile is not empty. On the photo itself or in the signature, add calls to action.

3. Ask questions

On the photos themselves or signatures to them, ask questions to your readers, encourage them to dialogue! Many “stars” and world brands are constantly stimulating their subscribers to answer questions. And receive in return up to hundreds of thousands of answers.

4. Choose the time

Ironically, there is a certain time when it is best to publish your photos. Ironically, there are scientists who have measured the best time for publication.

Want your photo to get the most number of likes? Then publish it between 17:00 and 18:00.

5. Improving the quality

In order to download images in high quality and high resolution, a special program is required. To do this, you need to synchronize your phone with a computer or through the Gramblr program.

6. Publish the video

Instagram allows its users to also upload videos, however, with a duration of no more than 15 seconds. Also there is a special program InstaVideo, which allows you to edit the video, and create a slideshow.

7. Use the hashtag

Hashtags – this is one of the key components of this social network, with their help representatives of the target audience and will search for your photos. The tag groups images by topic. For example, if you prodigaete action for a facelift, it is only necessary to put the hashtag: # lifting face # tightening the face # wrinkles # get rid of wrinkles, and your customers will find you.

But be careful! In Instagram in one comment to the photo you can register up to 30 hashtags. In addition, tags consisting of two words, you need to write together!

8. Run the virus – we organize a contest

Competitions, for the victory in which valuable prizes are offered, effectively stimulate the activity of users. Use this tool to attract additional subscribers and get an audience response.

Of course, this is by no means all the secrets of Instagram, much more and more about which (and not only) we will talk to look!